New Release of I18N Innovation Grid Theme for GetSimple CMS


I am pleased to announce release 0.1.1 of the I18N Innovation Grid theme for the GetSimple content manangement system.

This release brings integration of the user authentication and authorization functions provided by the Front End User Ligin Enhanced plugin. In addition, integration of the I18N Language Menu and Cookies plugins has been added and a number of bugs fixed.

The I18N Innovation Grid theme is intended to allow developers to get a mulit-language web-site up and running with a minimum of configuration and proir knowledge. The additional features provided by this release mean that developers can include 'members-only' or 'clients-only' features, such as an appointments calender or private pages to their sites.

You can download the theme from the GetSimple web-site. Installation instructions are available on GitHub and in the file included with the download. Support is available on the GetSimple forum.